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You’re a Mean One

So what if his parents barely remember he exists and the press is totally obsessed with him?

Are you looking for a redemption story with holiday themes? You’re in the right place

“You’re a Mean One, Matthew Prince” reiterates the ideas of personal connection, seeing past first impressions,

If you haven’t read the blurb for this novel yet, you’re probably thinking one of

Born and raised an only child of an affluent and uppity NYC family, it’s hard to

After purchasing said island, Matthew is shunned to his grandparents’ house where he’ll need to learn

He’ll only be allowed back to his life of leisure as a minor celebrity with his

I admit that I really disliked Matthew as a character for the entire first half of this

Compliments to Janovsky, because he did an exceptional job bringing life and depth to a fictional character

Unfortunately and selfishly, Matthew doesn’t want anything to do with it

He’d rather run from his problems and skip town without so much as a goodbye

Ultimately, while I thought the love story was a little watered down, it still kept me turning

I could see this story being played out on the big screen, with Matthew rocking a green