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Your Writing Can Go Viral Consistently When You Master

I get told repeatedly this is the one technique I’ve mastered

If you want to write a boring ass step-by-step guide about how to build a house with

The solution to this problem, if you still love writing online, is to master a kickass “Writers

Why me? Well, most people think the tiny amount of success I’ve had as a writer

Let’s take the one writing skill most people agree I have and reverse-engineer how I do

Why don’t normal people do this? Because they self-reject and self-censor themselves

They’ve obsessed with what their dumb slave boss might say if he/she reads their work

Or they try to sound smart, so they replace normal words they say with fancy words from

Simple language in writing is what sells because everyone can understand what the heck you’re trying

On a more serious note, I made up the phrase “The Permissionless Economy

” It’s an economy that runs online, where you don’t need to ask for permission anymore

To claim the name I added “Permissionless Economy” as a keyword all over my personal website

Easiest way to overcome this problem is to add parts of conversations you have or overhear into

No matter how hard some of you try, you’ll always write like a robot

Or as if you’re in high school writing an English essay for graduation

I have an easy hack for you: record yourself talking the article you want to write out

It’s why great writers like Nat Eliason say that when you ignore what Grammarly says, you

Most of them have the worst use of grammar you could ever imagine

My friend Todd Brison’s English teacher father would rip the faces off them if he knew

Use short sentences and then one long sentence that takes up ten lines and has zero commas

You know you’ll die in a few decades, right? Ain’t none of us living forever

Only you can tell a certain story from your life because you witnessed it

You’ve been told 1000s of times … illustrate points with stories

The bottom line with writer’s voice is most of you aren’t having fun

So what do the buggers do? They click away from your article and read someone who feels

And write as if we’re in a coffee shop together having a chat, where talker’s

That’s what I know about writer’s voice that can help you become unforgettable online and