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Your Reading Life Needs More Manga In It

Despite happily consuming YA contemporary and other book that are often judged by literary snobs, I had

And when my fixation on a certain TV show led me back to my teenage fanfic haunts,

That seems like a ridiculously obvious thing to say from a lifelong reader, but I often associated

It’s easy for me to forget that it can be just as much about giggling and

I’m not a very visual person, so it takes active attention to see what’s happening

Reading comics versus manga feels substantially different to me, even though manga just means Japanese comics

The manga series I’ve picked up, though, are much quicker reads than the graphic novels I’

The illustration are black-and-white (almost always) and generally more simple, so it doesn’t take as long

The stories, too, I’ve found are plotted differently than the American comics I’m used to

It is more like reading one serialized story than a series of sequels

It’s about a group of high schoolers who go camping together

There are 12 volumes! As soon as I heard this series existed, I knew I needed to pick

I learned that this sub-genre is called iyashikei, or healing manga/anime, and that seems like a

The names are so often silly, and the premises can be…a bit strange (That Time I

But there are a ton of different genres, and I’ve found a niche in iyashikei manga

If you’ve been avoiding manga out of genre/format snobbery, I highly recommend giving it a

They can challenge and change us, and they can comfort us and offer an escape

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