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Writing an eBook — But Need a Jumpstart? | by Kathy

Fewer pages can get you off the starting block and into the eBook game

” An eBook writer must move a typed manuscript to a digital format, load it into an electronic

All of that digital malarky can make writing an eBook appear to be impossible

That said, I’m not a techie yet I’m squarely in the eBook writing camp

No, the “e” part of writing an eBook isn’t the biggest issue for me

Instead, what gets in our way is the “writing” part of “writing an eBook

Historically, the average nonfiction book is 60,000–80,000 words

But when you can get past the “writing” part of writing an eBook you’ll find the

By writing an eBook that’s short, you give yourself the chance to complete a project

Another advantage to writing a short eBook: there’s a good market for them

At last check, one-quarter of Amazon’s Kindle collection are short reads

A short eBook offers readers the chance to try a new genre or a new author, like

A short eBook is an excellent way to offer enticing, valuable information to users that you want

Retail eBook stores have sprung up all over the internet: Kindle (KDP), Apple, Kobo, NookPress, iTunes Connect,

Your problem will not be in finding an eBook store, but rather in choosing one or two

You can also sell your eBook on an affiliate marketing network, like ClickBank, that hosts products like

Online publishers can promote your eBook for you and in turn, you pay them a commission from

While the average Kindle book length is about 300 pages (75,000 words), a short eBook is half that or

Anyone can publish a short book on Amazon in Kindle Short Reads

Yes, that means you, even if you choose not to submit it to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Classifications are calculated by assuming the average adult can read 250 words per minute

The recommended minimum for Kindle Short Reads is a ten-page book, totaling 2,500 words

That’s the equivalent of four or five long blog posts or articles

But before you’re convinced to go short, let me add one caveat

That’s because readers want to know they will receive value from downloading your book and investing

Maybe that means you may need to whittle down your book’s focus

Perhaps you can choose a smaller problem or a more concise solution to address in your eBook,

By writing this one short eBook, you inadvertently can create a group of fans who want to

It pulls in yet another group of readers who join your first set of enthusiasts

Now, you’re not only in print, but you’ve got a group of fans

Your bank account has accumulated royalty checks along the way, too

All because you got past the “writing” part of “writing an eBook