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Writers Make Money Doing These Quiet Things That Most

Even writers need a business model that fuels their revenue stack

This simply means multiple ways to get paid to reduce risk and ensure you pay this month’

Part of this has to do with a scarcity mindset amongst writers

The other reason has to do with the fact none of this is obvious

It gets the reader horny but it doesn’t deliver the knockout blow

If readers think you know something they don’t or can learn from, they’ll happily pay

The most basic course is filmed beforehand and delivered on-demand through software like Kajabi or Maven

Then you have to send emails full of writing to explain parts of the course and attract

Courses that meet these criteria generate writers one-time payments

Cohort means you achieve the goal of the product by doing it together with other people at

This means for the writer, the whole delivery happens in real-time and is limited by a writer’

While trading time for money might sound stupid, it can be lucrative

This leads to a better customer experience that drives repeat purchases and customers to refer new clients

Plus, if you build a business around a company name instead of your name, you can always

Think of subscriptions like a way to ease the cash flow burden on the customers of your

If a product is $500 then it can easily become a subscription that smooths out the payments

The smartest thing a writer can do is earn part of their income from a subscription

I predict subscription fatigue will continue so I prefer a mix of payment types in case things

Newsletter ads are an easy way to write a regular column and send it out each week,

For this to work you have to pick a popular topic that doesn’t change

If you place an ad in your newsletter, ideally, it doesn’t create a conflict of interest

I know people with 200 readers who have 5 clients and make 6-figures

The key is to advertise your freelancing services on your social media bios and know how to

The higher the price you charge, the fewer clients you have to do deal, and the less

They build a sh*tty product and then try to flog it for peanuts

That way you can focus on the writing needed to sell the product, and learn how an

” Once you’re a good affiliate you can start to add your own products/services

Plus if you make another writer good money by being their affiliate, they’ll start to accept

Again, affiliate sales sometimes get a bad rep so perhaps that’s why

I’ve always found it miraculous what happens when a writer starts to make money online

They’re not taught the quiet ways to make money that people like me (and Justin Welsh,