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Writers: Don’t Switch Your Message to Gain Followers |

Here’s why some of the worst advice I’ve heard online is wrong — and what you

You have to write about several topics to see which resonates most with your audience

I heard this advice so many times while dropping into Spaces voice chats on the pre-Musk version

Trust me, I tried and got through three years of writing about internet service at my former

As a creator, it’s so important to follow your passion and write about the topics you

It may take longer for folks to find you and appreciate your message

But at the end of the day, you’ve remained true to yourself instead of chasing digital

The exception to this is, of course, when you don’t know what topics you love to

Just stay true to you — and I don’t mean in that cheesy live, laugh, love kind

Tim Denning is another advocate for this and basically a golden example of how you can be

As long as you make your niche you, you’re technically not pivoting away from what drew

I get it, sending your hard work out into the internet void and hearing nothing back is

You can keep writing about the topics you love, but experiment with different approaches

(Cross-promoting your work on social media is a huge part of this and something that Medium hopes

Also, can I just point out that not hearing anything back isn’t necessarily a bad thing?

There are dozens of reasons why you may not get a lot of views on your writing,

So take a deep breath, and follow some of the best writing advice I’ve heard: Keep

So remember, by changing up the format and delivery of your writing, you can start to experiment

The beauty of writing for yourself is that you’re looking for the best way to reach