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Write Now With Judd B. Shaw | by Justin Cox |

Shaw, attorney and author of STERLING & NUGGET THE DRAGON

I love what I do because my primary role is to lead, train and grow my team —

I write at random times — sometimes in the early morning over a cup of coffee, on plane

Generally, I try to find times that I won’t be disturbed, feel rushed, and quiet

My time limit is bookended; meaning, when it’s time to go to work, or the plane

I prefer to create a master deadline when I’m striving to complete the overall project

One day, I was with my son, who was 9 at the time, and he was frustrated with

I explained to my son about not being judgmental and stepping into her shoes for a moment,

I believe if they could be compassionate towards each other, they will more likely stay emotionally healthy

The main character, Sterling, a brave young boy, has dreamed of becoming a knight

On this adventure, Sterling is faced with a choice: fight or help

In choosing to deal with the dragon named Nugget with kindness and compassion, Sterling becomes the knight

As a result, I will simply put down the proverbial paper and keyboard and start another time