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My name is Jennifer Brown, and I founded my company, Jennifer Brown Consulting (JBC), nearly 20 years ago

My goal is to encourage them to evolve, and grow — just as I am trying to do,

I believe in my reader’s desire to be and do better, in their capacity, and in

A concept like Julia Cameron’s “morning pages” means that daily, one puts physical pen to physical

I am not the person who has the whole book in my head! The writing itself is

I also move between ideas and copy editing as I go — macro, and micro — editing refreshes my

At some point, you get too old for that! I don’t try to write in between

We’ve always set our own internal deadlines for chapters to be done, ahead of when the

It can feel like an exquisite and difficult balancing act, to be in this conversation with learners

If I can summon them into the conversation I’m having with myself, it seems to loosen

I also really get re-energized by feedback and ideas from my collaborators and writing partners, as I

Right now, I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful, natural place — the Hudson Valley of

My partner’s involvement with animal rescue up here has been such an eye-opener and led to