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With Without Abbreviation: What Is It?

They can come in handy when taking notes, filling out forms with small boxes, or just to

The most common abbreviation for with is to write a W plus a backslash

Typically, it doesn’t matter whether you use a lowercase or uppercase W, but most people use

In internet chats and texting, it’s also common to see people write the abbreviation without a

Many people will use w/ when they are taking notes, whether in school, in a meeting or

Many descriptions of properties for sale or rent have limited characters, so they use abbreviations: “house w/ 2

You might see the abbreviation for with on official forms or tables of research data that have

It’s also common in informal communication as well as quick business communications

Instead, they use a lowercase C with a line over it, called an overstrike

While somewhat less common than with, without is still a frequently used preposition

When you need to shorten without, the most common way to do so is with a W

Usually, the W and O are lowercase when you abbreviate without

It’s common to see doctors write a lowercase S with a bar on top, which comes

You’ll use the form w/o for many of the same reasons as you would use

It’s great for quick, informal communication, note taking, and space saving

Acronyms and abbreviations are great for informal writing, but it’s better to use the full form

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