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Win Writing like Casey Neistat won YouTube | by Daily

It’s downright stupid that I am good at writing, but still have no idea how to

The name vlog has a certain ring to it, making you think of something imperfect and raw

Each YouTube video is a movie, and you can hear it from him when he talks about

Movies are supposed to be this big thing, portraying multiple characters

Movie is a story or event recorded by a camera as a set of moving images and

I’m not being presumptuous and telling you I’ve reinvented writing

Because no matter how insignificant you think your work is, you are giving shape to an empty

Surely you cannot be so arrogant as to use the word story for your Medium blog post

So just like Casey, I will start calling my art stories because it’s just what they

I wish I could find the video but it’s buried in his huge library of daily

And oftentimes you’ll find imperfect shots in his vlogs, like a camera falling, or watch him

I am saying you should apply it to writing but only to a certain point

But what I am preaching is to write through your fingers and not through your mind

Remember, you’re in an unpublished draft so nobody has to see your monstrosity

You can edit and run through Grammarly or any other grammar software later

Once you apply a thought to your writing, you’re killing your creativity on the spot

It’s as if I am tapping my subconscious on the shoulder and letting it take its

But once I put the title on my draft, my mind switches gears, and my subconscious types

This story started the same way and I couldn’t imagine in a million years it would

That’s because the subconscious isn’t rational like your mind

One of Casey’s videos has a million and a half views, but it isn’t something

I am mesmerized by life and its possibilities and as a person that doesn’t like small

But even in small talk, the mundane can become interesting if you know how to tell it

And that’s why Casey Neistat posted 534 daily videos in a row

Apart from the lesson of practice makes perfect, we can all learn about consistency

I’m talking about the fact that he is still active on YouTube

Sure, he took a long break and was less active during his move to LA, but he

My writing career as I like to call it might span two decades but there are years

And it’s easier said than done but your main drive will be passion

It’s not always obvious but good writers are like an overdose of sugar

I have a Medium account that was dedicated to my software developer endeavors and oftentimes a subject

And I believe that anybody who isn’t passionate enough about their work will end up quitting,

Are you trying to get more reads because it’s a popular topic? Are you afraid of

Just don’t tell my wife or we’ll be doing too much shopping

Writing is a beautiful art in which you can even take someone from the video world and