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Will AI Replace Copywriters | The Writing Cooperative

Boop Boop Beep Boop- Hello I'm here to tell you if the robots are ready to take

Since it was an easy task(read this in a client's tone) I thought of doing the

Luckily this article by Jerry Keszka came in handy where he talked about some cool AI tools

This got the job done in a jiffy but left me feeling outstanding and scary at the

In non-nerd language, AI copywriting tools are writing robots that help people with words

For copywriters, it’s there to help them blast through the writer’s block and speed up

My criteria is going to see how useful they are for generating long-form blog content

You can access the generated copy to see if these tools deserve your bucks

If you give it a thumbs up it generates the next lines or pitches new on thumbs

On the website, it shows that they’ve got some big wigs including Google as clients

Integrations: Looking into the integrations it has got Google Docs, Zapier, Hootsuite, Frase, Google ads, Microsoft Word

This easy-to-use tool generates copy by entering basic text in our case blog title

These are some decent recommendations which can be expanded into talking points

From a marketing standpoint, it can produce content that's SEO-optimised

According to reviews, it's among the best AI tools in the market right now

Cost: The Pro program starts at 49$ per month, you save 3 months fee by signing up for a

Click next and you have a description that can be used as an introduction for your copy

There isn't much disparity in the quality of copy produced by all these three tools

This is another AI tool with a user-friendly dashboard that delivers copy which reads pretty well

You can highlight a sentence to expand, shorten or rewrite it

These tools aren't replacements for human copywriters, they can help with outlines and sections

It’s interesting that AI can write persuasively and creatively, a skill a tiny percentage of writers

The safest bet is to use them for generic topics like "What is Cryptocurrency" but if you

"What caused Ethereum to fall" or "Predictions for Solana in 5 years" that's where they fail miserably

If you get stuck feed it a few lines and it will suggest the rest

This is the true application of AI tools, it's meant to be a writing assistant, not a

It's interesting that AI can write persuasively and creatively, a skill only a tiny percentage of writers

DISCLAIMER: These tools can write tons of copy for ad, product descriptions, LinkedIn, and Facebook posts