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Why Your Technical Writing Sucks. Beware these 9 Signs | by

Technical writing, like any other form of writing, is an art and a science

The science comes from understanding how to use images, formatting and other details to make your content

Unfortunately for most writers — but fortunately for us — there are some common mistakes that we can all

A lot of technical writers do this: they write for themselves, and not their audience

A good rule of thumb is this: if it sounds like something you would say, chances are

A consistent design is one of the keys to making your technical writing clear and easy to

If a reader has trouble following the flow of your content, it will be hard for them

A consistent design helps readers focus on the content because it gives them something similar throughout all

Grammar mistakes are the difference between a document that looks like a polished piece of work and

They can be used to help people understand complex concepts, break up long blocks of text, and

However, if you make the wrong choices when using visuals your visual content will not be effective

It’s difficult to understand, it’s bad for SEO, and it doesn’t add anything useful

’ What you do need is an intuitive way for your readers to understand what you mean without

Tone is how you want your content to come across — the attitude or feeling that you want

Voice is the personality of your content: how it sounds, whether that language is formal or casual,

Both voice and tone play important roles in communicating your message effectively

Your reader is going to be confused as to what you are trying to teach them if

Images are also great for illustrating what you are saying in your content

For example, if you want readers to know why something works the way it does, include an

The passive voice is when a sentence structure is written such that the subject (the person or

It’s similar to saying “this blog post was written by me” instead of “I wrote this

By being aware of the signs that your writing is subpar, you can improve your work and