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Why Your Book Isn’t Getting Published | by Harry

This might seem tangential, but it will become apparent why this is relevant

Words like “expedited,” “accomplished,” “improved,” etc

Once that resume makes it through the AI, a person will read it

The most relevant information should be on the first page, but to get to that person, you

They say it flows naturally and is witty, funny, and brilliant

The first readers for our books, especially from the major houses, are probably robots, too

They receive so much copy they’re looking for any excuse not to read your manuscript, so

It doesn’t matter if those errors are in the dialogue or true to the vernacular of

One of the reasons the main editor pushed for it was because of the dialogue

In othe r words, what got me in there is probably what’s keep me out elsewhere

Sometimes our system would see a < and start converting the text into a hyperlink to nowhere

And again, unless you’re already famous or a successful writer — which are the best ways to

If you forgot to indent two spaces, you can’t follow instructions and are probably going to

Most of us have been doing so for our entire lives at school and at work

If you’re a human being who’s editing, check it before you correct it

Don’t assume something is wrong just because you don’t know it, and honestly, Google Docs

I know you’re busy, but a two second search on Google can be helpful in this

If I butcher my own dialogue to make it grammatically correct, once it gets past the computer,

All I can think of is adding a note to the query, but again, I see the

Maybe we’re better off self-publishing, but there’s a lot of competition, and most of it

If literary printing is anything like financial or legal I doubt it, but a person can always