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Why I’m Not Impressed By How Many Books

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The article was angled more from the perspective of the writer sharing their reading journal from the

But where they lost me was when I saw the reaction to this particular article in both

To borrow a popular phrase from Nick and Charlie in Heartstopper: why are we like this?

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I’m also not implying that all readers necessarily suffer from the same mental health concerns as

But I do know for a fact that we have a tendency to believe books are magic,

Of course books are magic — go watch The Pagemaster if you need a reminder of the right

In this context, books are magic in the figurative sense, not the literal

If anything, reading too many books just increased my periods of burnout that I could never explain,

I don’t believe that the writer of the BuzzFeed Books article sought out to encourage people

I’m sure the intention behind the headline was genuine and innocent, just wanting to share their

Because I don’t wish the pain and suffering that an unhealthy coping mechanism, like reading too