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Why I Started and then Abandoned Writing a Book |

I knew it was going to be a huge commitment; but at the same time, I thought

I had a vision of writing a book about how perception of what it means to be

I spoke with some friends of mine and people I knew from the disability community who had

I started jotting down anecdotes, notes and stories from my childhood

And my thoughts on what it means to write a book have shifted as well

I’m also sharing some key takeaways for my fellow writers to consider, regardless whether you are

It ebbs and flows, depending on internal beliefs, external factors and life circumstances

Back in 2020, when I was first motivated to write my book on my disability journey, my motivation

Was there something in the air? Was it my mood? I don’t know

Even if you don’t get it back, taking breaks is also an organic part of the

You’re not always going to be motivated — and that’s okay

Last year, my inspiration really started to wane, like the last flame in a fire before it

Even if you take a year away from your book, it’s completely normal, depending on your

I had spent months writing chapters, ideas and anecdotes relating my history of disability

I wrote about my childhood growing up with disability, how my disability impacted my work, and dating

I even had a whole chapter dedicated to my bowels (I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, deal with

The second reason that I attribute to my decline in motivation is that different priorities took me

You can start and stop at any time, sometimes for weeks, months or years

As you move through the process of writing your first book, you might find your writing changing

You might find your book changing focuses, the style might change, or your book might become something

I started to think of it not as a book any more but as their own separate

Again, those were my initial thoughts that put me on this entire path of writing a book

But as I’ve learned throughout this messy, time-consuming but eye-opening process, it doesn’t mean that

It’s not a process to develop a finished product as quickly as possible