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Why I Don’t Suffer From Writer’s Block

Imagine if a plumber came to check your leaking faucet and said, “Sorry, I can’t fix

When I first became a chef, I wasn’t the powerhouse I became later on

I was slow and slumbery and a bit lazy, if I’m being honest

When asked to come up with a new dish, I’d immediately fall ill with a severe

Although, in my second year, I created my worst dish to date: Ham and bird sausage cannelloni,

And then, I served it to a jury of some of the finest chefs in Portugal

Needless to say, the jury wasn’t impressed with my performance

I may have heard the words, “if I had a bat, I’d bash your head in

Every day for over a decade, 10+ hours a day, sometimes with only one day off, sometimes with

That’s when I quit my job to open my very own restaurant, and, in what I

Why? Because I hadn’t a clue about where to find someone to finance the project after

I know I talk about him a lot, but even though I never met the guy, I

Chefs vs Cooks used to be a reality for me; now it’s a perfect metaphor

I once had a cook fail to realize that half a kilo of cayenne pepper was too

Give him a list of ingredients, and he’ll not only know their correct order but also

Even when things aren’t obvious, like when a bread dough fails to rise, a chef will

All these things impact your bread-baking results, and only a chef, not a cook, will know exactly

But that’s the thing — writer’s block is just an excuse for fear, lack of knowledge,

Like a clueless young cook, my story wasn’t working, and not knowing why stalled my progress

It made me afraid of cooking Ham and bird sausage cannelloni, glazed with port reduction, with a

I submitted an awfully edited story to the Writers of The Future contest

But not writing is as easy as binge-watching Stranger Things on Netflix

If you take writing as any other job, there’s really no reason not to work every

‘Let me ask YOU a question: if you work your job five days a week, 48+ weeks a

Please think deeply about why writer’s Block happens to you

Keep coming up with excuses, and you’ll never be more than just a cook

A writer who can spot what’s wrong with a story and knows how to fix it

I read a lot of articles about how difficult writing is, and yeah