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Why Aren’t There Ever Extended Editions of Books? |

It’s time for writers to dull their knives instead of sharpening them

It might be called an “extended edition,” a “special edition,” or a “director’s cut

Usually these releases are meant to capitalize on some well-publicized squabbles between the studio executives and the

In the end, I suspect both the studio executives and the director end up laughing all the

Perhaps the best example can be found in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy

Honest question: is there anyone out there who prefers the LOTR theatrical releases?

Essentially, what you get with an extended edition is more of what you like

If there was a 4 hour version of the original Star Wars, I’d love to watch it!

Writers like to use the phrase “sharpening their knives” as if the absolute best thing they can

We don’t really know that the versions of books that we have available are “better” without

Why shouldn’t there be multiple versions of our favorite books?

Well then, why not publish the original one so fans can compare?

It seems as if the publishing industry is throwing away money, and an inconsistency like that suggests

There’s Frodo lying on the rock, there’s Frodo meeting his buddies, there’s the big

At the theater, people kept gathering up their things like it was time to go

Sometimes they stood awkwardly, realization slowly dawning that the film wasn’t even close to ending

These are the same people that instantly jump to their feet when the plane lands because they’

I like spending some time with the characters after their adventure so we get to see how

I like films like Animal House that take the time in the closing credits to flash lines

Who had the brilliant idea that the best thing any story can do is end abruptly? That

I found that really disappointing because that whole segment is probably my favorite part of the book

Then he moves, then he travels with his buddies and they have some beer

Then they meet an old farmer who wants to talk about what they were like as kids

It’s like you’re hanging out in a rural town watching the leaves change color

I think all that stuff is what makes the book seem so alive and real

The sections you cut out of a book might not seem relevant today, but they might gain

Give me the extended edition so I can read the equivalent of those passages in other great

In my version of The Return of the King, the ring is destroyed on page 276

But it’s not needless because it’s in those 109 pages that you see the hobbits come

Those 109 pages strongly emphasize the point that you can’t afford to sit around and assume the

It also demonstrates that, through their journeys and much to their surprise, the hobbits acquired everything they

Sure, this whole section doesn’t do a lot in terms of moving the action plot along,

To be honest, I understand why we have theatrical cuts for films

Honestly, I thought The Hobbit trilogy was awful when I first saw it in theaters

However, it’s agreeable viewing if you break it up into half hour segments

This is what books are made for! You can sit around and linger on a passage

Ultimately, I’ve come to believe that the quest for profit has tainted literature and nobody wants

Going back to college, writers are conditioned to be humble, groveling servants to all-powerful editors

“Yes master, I will cut these ten pages, forgive me for writing them!” This is what you

Give us access to the original manuscript and access to the final release