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Who Was that Masked Man? Superheroes Disguised as Other

Superheroes are already masters of disguise, so it’s no sweat for them to bust out a

To clarify, I’m not talking about heroes who change their identity on a long-term or permanent

(And after all that effort they put into sewing the costume!)

As you read through each of the profiles below, see if you can guess who each hero

So when the occasion called for him to do some sneaky investigating, he had to slap an

Hawkeye responds by dubbing him “Spare Parts Man” and “Nothing-in-Particular Man

He gains such renown that he is even selected as the chairman of the newly-formed Club of

But is Batman right to suspect that Lightning-Man’s debut is connected with Clark’s strange affliction?

A chunk of the stuff got caught in orbit around Earth, causing Clark to develop amnesia whenever

Well, it’s less silly than wearing his underwear on the outside to do the same job

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Background: After Supes, Bats, and Wondy all vanished, Booster Gold hoped to fill the power vacuum as

Why, Though?: Booster had to subsume his desire for fame, fake his own death, and pose as

In part thanks to the “Supernova” ruse, Booster was able to save Skeets — but only after seemingly

Background: Despite Lois Lane’s constant attempts to win Superman’s affections, he finds himself won over

Much to Lois’s horror, Supes proposes to this Jill-come-lately and announces his plan to move to

Apparently, the best and only way he could think to do that was to, uh, make out

As Steve Rogers, he moped around for a while until he found himself targeted for harassment by

Goldie seemed to know who Cap was, but Cap had never met him before…or had he?

Why, Though?: Hawkeye was grateful for all the years of training and patience Cap had showed him,

Steve appreciated his efforts and took his suggestion to come up with a new identity: Nomad, who