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Who Are Marvel’s Midnight Suns?

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Styled similarly to the XCOM franchise, with players moving characters around the map turn-by-turn, trying to accomplish

But let’s face it, the Midnight Sons aren’t exactly a household name like the X-Men

Note: The comics team is called Midnight Sons, while the game is Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The team first appeared in full in 1992 in the pages of Ghost Rider #31

It’s okay if you don’t know all of those names; there won’t be a

This team resulted from a string of crossovers between Morbius, Ghost Rider, and Nightstalkers, among others

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For the first time, however, those characters were coming together as a team and really being recognized

You could print a telephone book as a comic and it would have sold lots of copies

Even if you only know the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other films, you’ve heard of some

Blade had one great movie (we don’t talk about the others), and Mahershala Ali is set

The Hood, Frank Castle, Wong, Moon Knight, Iron Fist, and numerous characters that are largely only known

Granted, this might be to help promote the upcoming game, but it’s a fun team

Looking for some books to read before you dive into the turn-based combat game? Check out these

The most recent Midnight Suns is set to end with issue #5 in January, and it’s a

A present and former Ghost Rider, a living vampire, and a vampire hunter

Sadly, you won’t find a collection of this story to purchase at this moment

You can, however, find these issues from 1993 on Marvel Unlimited

Blade receives a mysterious letter from Darkhold Dwarf and proceeds to go on a rampage against the

Like Midnight Massacre, there’s no collection of this story in print, so head to Marvel Unlimited!

Adding to that list is a new, customizable hero simply called The Hunter

Marvel and Firaxis Games are obviously choosing their characters to maximize sales

Iron Man and Captain America on the Midnight Suns? That doesn’t even make sense

Either way, if you’re a fan of turned-based tactic, it should be fun and this eclectic

Personally, I wish some more obscure and supernatural characters had made it into the game