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Which Is Better for You?

Using an AI-powered writing assistant is a fantastic method to guarantee your writing is effective, clear, and

Grammarly is a grammar checker that helps you strengthen your prose, while Linguix offers many similar features

This article will summarize the strengths and weaknesses of each tool and help you select the one

Linguix is a proofreading software created in 2018 to help writers improve communication

Its features include a spellchecker, a grammar checker, style checking, and a plagiarism checker

That way, you can fix an unwieldy sentence with little effort

Plus, Linguix offers several content templates you can use for different types of content, such as email,

Using a template can be a great way to get started on a new document

It looks for spelling issues, grammar mistakes, and stylistic weaknesses in your writing

It also provides word choice recommendations based on your target audience and tone

Grammarly also gives you a readability score, which grades your writing based on word length, sentence length,

It assigns you a plagiarism score by comparing your work to existing work

Here’s our assessment of how Linguix and Grammarly stack up in four key categories: grammar checker,

However, Linguix doesn’t catch as many subtle weaknesses as Grammarly does

It focuses more on grammar errors rather than advanced stylistic problems that could be improved

If you’re looking for more sophisticated suggestions, Grammarly wins

You can do limitless plagiarism checks for free with the premium plan

That can get expensive fast if you’re a student or an educator

You can use Grammarly with many platforms, including Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and most web browsers

Linguix also has advanced integration features that allow you to use it with tools like Gmail, Google

Grammarly also has the ability to reword sentences, but rewriting isn’t one of its key strengths

To unlock the more advanced features, you’ll need to subscribe to the premium version of each

You can purchase Grammarly’s premium edition with three different payment options

The monthly plan costs $30/month, the quarterly plan costs $60 (which is equivalent to $20/month), and the annual

You can get the monthly plan for $15/month, or the annual plan for $66 (which is equivalent to $5

ProWritingAid does more than just check your writing for grammar and spelling errors

It also has over 20 reports that offer sophisticated recommendations to help you learn about the strengths and

Here are just a few of the reports you get with ProWritingAid:

It's a great default writing assistant for students, casual writers, freelance writers, and more

Many writing tools offer sophisticated analysis, but ProWritingAid goes even further

ProWritingAid is the obvious choice if you're seeking an online editing tool you can use to polish