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Which Graphic Nonfiction Book Should You Read Next?

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However, the genre is growing massively as publishers and readers open their eyes to the possibilities for

From memoirs to history to science and beyond, graphic nonfiction is an immersive and fascinating way to

As someone who once thought (very incorrectly) that comics were just for superheroes, let me tell you

There’s lots to learn and a wealth of creativity and talent in these pages

These comics explore the history of the party, its most important figures, the forces trying to stop

This is a fun, colorful, joy-filled memoir about finding childlike pride in your own body

It’s hard to embrace your body in a world that constantly points you to perceived imperfections

Artist Debbie Tung knows how anxiety and depression can make every day feel like an uphill battle,

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Traveling through the seasons, Manjit Thapp’s art follows her own changing emotions and moods as they

It’s a really visually interesting and creative way of expressing how we as humans are really

But when she was nine, she arrived in Cairo to discover her father had remarried, and she

Inspired by the book The Radium Girls by Kate Moore, this comic explores these women’s stories

Loneliness impacts every one of us, but it’s so rarely discussed, especially in all of its

Kristen Radtke uses these comics to break the silence around loneliness, from historical, scientific, pop culture, and

Rebecca Hall is a historian, lawyer, and granddaughter of enslaved people

This graphic history book follows Hall’s research journey while also reimagining the lives of women who