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Where is Home?. The importance of setting | by Jackie

But what does it mean to provide a setting? Can you simply sprinkle in place names, add

It might not be anywhere in the confines of the piece, but your character has a relationship

It’s the start and the finish, the place of security, the origin of all things

It’s where a person belongs, truly belongs, a place of acceptance where one can relax without

Does everyone need a sense of being settled? Perhaps your character is an army brat or the

Perhaps her sense of home comes from the people she’s with as she travels

She’s Bedouin, from a tribal people, or Romani, or she picks up and moves where the

Possibly her people come from somewhere else, and where they hang their hat is her home too

We’re an immigrant people unless we are Native American, but even so, Native Americans are often

Is there a home in the search for the new? What setting is this? It’s a

I heard a story about a reporter from an active war zone who came back to the

He discovered while walking through bad neighborhoods in New York City that he finally felt at home

Home was a suburban two-story tract house for my sister and me, with individual rooms for its

My children live with each other thousands of miles from where they were born

As ever, their home is impermanent, and career plans, marriage plans, further schooling in their future eventually

I am linked to home through the only history I understand, that of family and chosen family

I have a slice of home when I’m at my friend’s house, where I know

It’s her grounding, her surroundings, her movement through space and time