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Where Has Your Day Gone? 10 Time Management Tools for

There are times when the work and the deadlines are almost unmanageable

The point is this: whether it’s a time of feast or famine, there are always tasks

And just by the very nature of the work, freelance writing takes focus, commitment and motivation

The distractions are many – Facebook, movies, friends, laundry, texting – and it is easy to get sidetracked

You may only see that you are not as productive as you would like to be

This great little tool will give you a weekly report of the time spent on each website

Once you can see those websites that are totally unrelated to your work, you know which ones

If you’re not familiar with the Pomodoro Technique, then it’s time you became acquainted

Pomodoros are pieces of time, and Focus Booster’s default pomodoro is 25 minutes

TMetric is a time tracking and project management tool that helps you record how much time you

This is great for when you come to send an invoice to a client and need a

TMetric also offers other useful features, like spaces to store your rates and invoices so you can

This app is available through Google and you must use Google Chrome to access it

The idea behind StayFocusd is that you block certain websites that you know are distractions but that

Of course, you can unblock them at any time, but hopefully this app will help you break

You have deadlines and priorities, just like any full-time employee

Basically, you can list all of your tasks and then prioritize them through a simple drag-and-drop method

This app is only for Macs, but there are similar apps for PCs

Unlike other site-blocker tools that let you renege, once you set the sites to block and the

Nothing you do – not even shutting down and re-starting will fix this

You can enter your project, and Toggl will keep track of the time you actually spend, and

You can work on several projects at once as long as each has a unique name for

Time management is often based upon the categorization and prioritization of tasks before you

You can set up tasks for a week at a time, group them by client, deadline, or

If you’re looking for a tool to streamline hours billing, TimeCamp is the right solution

The desktop app tracks time in the background, filling the timesheets automatically with computer activities

Then, you can generate a time entries-based invoice and send them straight to your clients

What’s more, TimeCamp offers a wide range of pre-defined and custom reports

A great calendar app is essential for freelancers, and SavvyCal is one of the best

As a bonus, it's much cheaper than many of its competitors—because we all know freelancers need

All freelancers, including writers, face issues of time management

Without a boss, a set workday, and specifically assigned tasks, it is so easy to become distracted