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What’s the Last Book You Read? | by Justin

This Week In Writing, we talk about reading and lying by the pool and maybe reading by

Another perk is lying by the pool, sipping frozen lemonade in December

Sitting in the lounge chair, I quickly realized I had left my current book at the house

What’s ironic about leaving the book is I’ve been pondering this Gallup poll all week

Goodreads shows I read 31 books this year, though the number is slightly deceiving

In college, I read an entire John Grissom book in 24 hours to prepare for a law class

Today, I have no idea which book it was or how the fictional novel had anything to

My point here is that maybe there’s something to this whole reading fewer books business

Both locations are about a 30-minute drive, so I can typically “read” a book in a week

There’s an episode of Seinfeld where George orders a textbook on tape because it’s too

The joke is the voice reading the book sounds just like him, so it’s no different

It’s like someone reading me a story or, in the case of autobiographies, telling me about

All of this is to say that Americans are reading fewer books than we used to, and

Also, what’s the last book you read — physical or otherwise? Leave a reply, and let’s

The more you read and analyze work that speaks to you, the more you can teach yourself

I know my AP Lang and Comp scores have plummeted in ten years

Of course, every book is different, but every genre has certain conventions that authors of the books