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What’s Happening at Arlington Public Library in Texas?

“We have all seen where these far-left thinking groups are going and taking our country

I thank you for your time in reading this and ask you to seek God for His

There is only so much we can do at the federal level but if we all stand

Thus concludes an eight-page timeline from Gina Reno Woodlee, a resident of Arlington, Texas

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It is the 50th most populated city in the United States and the largest city in the

Arlington is in Tarrant County, which has been a reliably conservative county; 2020, however, the county handed its

Just two years earlier, the county elected Beto O’Rourke over Ted Cruz for Senate

This includes one downtown location, alongside six branch locations spread across the city

Library workers anticipate these needs and create displays to be proactive in showcasing what is available

In 2020 and 2021, the City of Arlington’s former mayor Jeff Williams declared June as Pride Month, issuing

The city’s Municipality Equality Index, given by the Human Rights Council, score increased to 100 from 63 in

This is Jonathan Shelley, Pastor of the Stedfast Baptist Church, a religious institution deemed an LGBTQ+ hate

Woodlee called for her contingent of right-wing activists to show up at the May City Council meeting,

One commenter, Darrell Montgomery, said it was time to get rid of the displays because children’s

Display cases at the branch libraries would be Juneteenth focused, while most libraries said they had plans

Kieffer’s email continues by noting that, “The library’s feedback/surveys is one major component we

Btw, the Unity Council Report has several Focus Areas and Recommendations and we align ourselves with that

The report has an LGBTQ feedback page (4 comments), but it’s general to living in Arlington

I have charged my staff if they happen to get comments, surveys, or any type of feedback

It is unclear whether the downtown library had Pride displays this year, but several other branches had

The person who wrote the post added more context throughout the thread, suggesting that several pastors of

Among those who met with Zuniga to discuss queer materials in the libraries included Gary Hutchison with

A draft policy proposal for displays went to library advisory board members in early October for consideration

Woodlee and others were in attendance at the meeting, making their position loud and clear

Chair of the board Catherine Serna-Horn suggested it would led to quiet censorship

This led Serna-Horn to ask for pornographic and explicit books be discussed alongside the display policy at

As of yet, there is no public survey posted about the display policy

Note that library advisory board meetings, unlike those for the City Council, are not recorded and minutes

The request yielded dozens of pages of documents, primarily responses to and from Woodlee’s call to

There are several gaps in correspondence, and, perhaps most noteworthy, there is a difference in tone between

As noted above, downtown libraries planned two Pride displays for this June

The list, simply titled “BibliographicRecordsSet_Challenged_TitlesOnly” and available to look at here, comes with little context

Are these the same titles being challenged by the groups pushing for display bans? Are they related

This includes meeting the needs of the entire community and it means being transparent