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What Should Your 2023 Bookish New Year’s Resolution Be?

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There are several bookish new year’s resolutions that come up again and again among readers

Read more books! Weed your TBR! Try new genres! Diversify your reading! All of those are great

That’s one I always say I’ll do, but don’t often get around to it

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Book release celebrations and author panels can teach you more about books you love, change your perspective,

Do your bookshelves seem to have grown a mind of their own? Make 2023 your year to organize

Whether it’s in a spreadsheet or with a personal home library kit, a little tidying up

It’s time to give back to your bookish community! In 2023, find a volunteer opportunity related to

is experiencing record-breaking numbers of book bans on state and local levels

Spend 2023 advocating for free access to books in your community, schools, and libraries

Being able to discuss a book with your own bookish community totally changes the way you interact

Or if you can’t find one that appeals to you, start your own!

As you read through your book choice, leave sticky notes (or write directly in the book if

By the time each book has made the rounds, it will be full of notes from your

It’s a fantastic way to remember what you’ve read, engage more critically with the text,

Or if you’ve already got travel planned, read books set where you’re headed!

8 Bookish New Year’s Resolution Ideas to Improve Your Reading Life