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What Makes A Great Story?  Great Promises

Make promises and fulfil them in a satisfying way — here’s what to do

There is much more to say on the matter, and I could go endlessly about it

What makes a story a story? What’s it all about? And why your first draft can

The trick to a good story is to make promises to the reader and then fulfil them

If you get to the end and the reader still doesn’t know what happened to the

That’s also why your story won’t be finished the first time you write it

Only when you know your ending can you build a fantastic narrative around it and weave in

Everything else in your novel can be fixed, but you won’t be able to make the

After the excitement of starting a new story, getting stuck in the mud that plagues the middle

So you’ll have to be ready to make fundamental changes when rewriting your story

You’ll have to reevaluate how the story starts and progresses

Only when you know the ending and have a clearer idea of how the story should flow

The conflict of your story and sub-conflicts create expectations in the reader’s mind

Now it’s up to a Jedi warrior, a padawan and two rag-tag pilots to rescue her

The fulfilment comes from either saving the princess or failing to do so

They promised us Jon V Nightking(or made a big deal about the white walkers only to

Your promises don’t have to be ground-breaking, not even original; they just have to make sense

A story starts with the creation of conflict and ends when the conflict is resolved

The whole body of your story needs to be a rope that connects both of these premises

You can create smaller promises/conflicts that impact the narrative and are resolved along the way generating

And you can only hope to achieve this accurately once you know how your story starts, what

Writing books is like running marathons; you must save your strength and manage your time

I cannot stress this enough: you will have to rewrite your story and to reduce the number

Many authors only set out to write a novel once they know the ending so they can

The ending you set out to write might differ from the one you end up writing