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What I Learned About Storytelling After Writing A Book |

Writing a book and getting it published are two different skills

It will challenge your core and force you through the most brutal crucible before you can finally

While editing my book, I realized what was fundamentally wrong with my story and why it might

I made copious notes and highlights to improve the storytelling and make it more engaging

But I thought I might as well document the writing process to help storytellers who might be

Whether you're a novelist or a self-improvement writer who dabbles in storytelling, these lessons will come in

What are three traits you'd say Harry Potter has as a character?

Selfless determination to succeed in his quest (defeat Voldemort and save the magical world)

Selfless determination to succeed in his quest (prove he's worth better than the scorn of being a

Which brings us to the critical question: If all protagonists have the same traits, how should writers

Truly memorable characters are the ones who survive enormous odds and achieve the most impossible-seeming results

It's the one scene (or series of scenes) that the story builds up to for the entire

If the protagonist has to over insane odds stacked against them, their journey becomes more memorable

The closer they're to losing it all, the more the reader will want them to win

The authors who manage to stick to these formulas to the dot are the ones who write

If they believe a chapter is perfect, they'll think ten times before deleting it

If you want your readers to remember your book long after the last page is turned, don't

No matter how seamless the plot is, the X-factor in any story is the character growth

To write memorable characters, write them with a flaw, and have them grow out of it by

While writing a story, it might be tempting to add side characters who serve no purpose in

A few famous writers might have gotten away with this, but the readers are more intelligent than

Create characters with substantial backstories to create an impactful story

Their actions should be self-driven but fit into the plot, so they help the protagonist make progress

Bonus points if you can give individual character arcs to each side character

Well-written characters and a solid plot back a successful book

If this post made you feel I'm close to finishing my novel, you're not wrong

The editing is in the final stages, and I'm excited to see my novel soon hit the

I won't be looking for a publisher this time as I'm too impatient to query, wait for

If you'd like to be a part of this journey as my first full-length novel sees the