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What Happens When Big Publishing Mergers Fail? | by Melissa

No matter how long or how hard you work, the goal you’ve set for yourself is

But when courtroom battles are waged and expensive-to-negotiate deals are decided against you, the results can be

Markus Dohle was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Penguin Random House, the biggest publishing house in

For more than twenty-eight years, Dohle worked at companies owned by the German conglomerate, Bertelsmann

It was Markus Dohle who envisioned the acquisition of Simon & Schuster, and who oversaw the much-publicized,

In this case, the repercussions were like nuclear explosions to the finances of Penguin Random House

The proposed acquisition of Simon Schuster, owned by Paramount, was safeguarded by a $200 million dollar fee if

If you followed this court case, you know that the federal judge decided against Penguin Random House’

No surprise that the man in charge of the deal debacle decided to step down

In fact, while Dohle also resigned as a member of the Bertelsmann Executive Board after a fifteen-year

Does it really matter to writers what happens when a big-house publisher merger is squashed?

The shake-up of who’s at the helm of publishers is important, but it’s not as

Even more importantly, bigger publishers typically focus on known authors with an established following and existing proof

It would take a lot of guts and very deep pockets for another Big Five publisher to

Besides the final verdict in the Penguin Random House — Simon Schuster acquisition, there’s the question of

Penguin Random House had record profits in 2021 and sold more than 700 million copies of works by their

Add to those issues the talk of recession, and you’ve got more uncertainty

I’m a firm believer that if you have the drive, desire, and tenacity to write, you’

Or whether to pursue small presses, literary houses, and university publishers who might be more willing to

Or whether to pay a press to publish, market, and distribute their works, an expensive but often

Records suggest that Markus Dohle probably made in excess of $430,000 per year as the highest-paid executive at