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What Does Writing For A Living Feel Like?

Growing up as an aspiring writer makes me perceive that making a living out of writing is

However, I later realized that making money too fast from writing isn’t possible

At that time, the testimonies of other established writers made me feel like, "Damn! This is a

That was my feeling because I thought I was going to make a fortune in a short

But at some point, I started to feel like giving up, and my interest in writing began

From that moment, I thought I had tapped into the limelight to become a successful and paid

com, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and other freelance writing platforms to land jobs but to no avail

During the process of trying and failing, I came across "Medium" in 2017 believing that I can also

In 2021, I realized that writing for a living isn’t what I thought

If you want to write for a living, you should consider these:

When the hunger for money overrides your mind, you will go blind

You'll not be able to see and discern how to become productive

If your mind is centered on just amassing cash, then you’ll end up being frustrated

And if care is not taken, a moment of frustration may be the end of your career

From Albert Einstein’s quote, you’ll understand that it’s not all about you succeeding

It’s about how positively you’ve influenced the people of the local and global community

You are not important because of how long you live, you are important because of how effective

It’s determined by the value you’ve donated to the lives of people

So… positive value encourages positive existence and patronage

When people see value in you, they’ll keep coming to you, and more money will find

Although quantity is also significant as it helps in gaining visibility

Regarding this, you'll only end up seeing views with zero reads

But when your content comes with quality(relevancy and in-depths, or solutions), you’ll gain that authority

You can’t be highly productive when you try to work with two things at a time;

Therefore, it will be super great if you go slowly to develop quality content

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction,

There is no way you can build quality without being extremely intentional about it

Intentionality is plunged with excellent goals and honest endeavors

That notwithstanding, you can create a balance of both quantity and quality

Don’t worry about how fast you want to gain visibility and authority

Slow and steady with quality work is more effective and will earn you a medal when you

Remember, quality depends on how relevant and in-depth your content is to your audience

This idea is related to bloggers, Medium Writers, and writers who leverage other platforms to sell their

If you’re familiar with copywriting, you’ll infer how essential it is to talk more about

Even if your story will talk about you, it should be an experience that can be of

Sometimes you just have to ask yourself certain questions about why you’re writing

While you ask questions, ensure that your thoughts revolve around how relevant your work is(going to

Most of the time, people tend to recognize you more based on how well you've changed their

Even though self-love is a thing of concern, focusing on others is the best way to make

Writing for people means providing solutions to your audience

If you don't learn, there's no way you can even provide solutions

Attend webinars, buy books, buy courses, and participate in training

And also you should always ask certain questions where necessary

Every expert has experience; they know what works and what doesn't work! Following them will help you

The "k" stands for "know", the "L" stands for "Like", and the "T" stands for Trust

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any

Between the writers you read and the writers who read you are two personalities attracted to each

A positive reaction from both of you can spike an elegant transformation in your lives

Also, you’ll have to do a lot of research to know what people are looking for;

Besides, treat it like a full-time business with the whole of your heart