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What are the Literati Up To?

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And while I cheer and gasp in all the right places, I do feel a sense of

I barely have time to stay on top of author news, my TBR, or publishing gossip, much

Both are art forms, and this is not a humble brag, just my own personal priorities

While listening to this, Padma name drops various books and published authors and I recall holding my

I just sought another kind of star — literary stars, or the literati

When I think of the “literati,” I always want to get in their heads

I wonder things like what drove their motivations? Who were the people who formed them?

I had only heard Padma’s name in passing before this when one of my colleagues recommended

She takes us through her career trajectory and then some by sharing the intimate details of her

It was a traumatizing time for Padma, but the way she describes it, along with the personalities

It then transitions into her experience of shuttling between India, New York and L

This one is the story of a literary friendship between Toni Morrison and the author

It is a witty and weird work in translation featuring Mona, a Peruvian writer who works at

Throughout the book you get a feeling of how she doesn’t quite belong and deals with

It’s just the kind of dish we readers sometimes want where we don’t have to

While war rages on outside her window, she stays put inside reading and translating works of literature

Like a critic after a performance, she has a ruthless stream of commentary going on for the

It is a tale of telling secrets to the right person and the story itself is told

Perfect to get in the mind of an infamous historical literary figure

From Hannah Arendt to Dorothy Parker, Rebecca West to Susan Sontag, the book covers a lot of

Each chapter in the book segued into each other by showing how these women are interconnected, and

Do you like me dream of traversing the halls of Shakespeare & Co

in Paris? Until I can, I will read everything I can about it

She was one of the two women responsible for opening Shakespeare & Co

 She was a friend to numerous artists, saved books from the Nazis, and was an instrumental figure

But, as history is so often prone to do, the fierce women that shape these iconic men

This is a book that has a love affair with books and the process of writing them

She exists through his literature in variety of ways — physically, emotionally, intellectually, inspirationally, and has essentially nothing

It is a distinct feeling that these books helped me chase, and isn’t that the beauty

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