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Welcome to 2023. Now Take a Nap.. This Week In

This Week In Writing, we kick off a new year with a chat about goals, self-care, and

It’s been a lovely break where I did… well, I didn’t do much, friends

During that break, the only thing I wrote (aside from my daily journalling) was this newsletter — and

This is the time of year when you can’t avoid discussions about “fresh starts” and “goals”

While I believe in SMART goals, I also acknowledge that a missed goal is an opportunity for

So, set a goal for this week/month/year but don’t beat yourself up over it

While I’ve enjoyed my nearly two weeks without writing, it’s a good idea to take

What is your 2023 goal, and how will you weave self-care into it?

The writing community is just as (if not more) engaging as Twitter

If you’re looking for a dedicated community outside of mass-audience social media, I’m getting ready

It’s not quite ready yet (time off and all), but it will be soon

I look forward to this announcement and will share more with you soon

For me community has proven to be an effective component of self care

How to Set Accurate Writing Goals for Yourself by Fleurine Tideman

There is an unspoken power in writing down your intentions and an added drive to fulfill them

Perhaps we subconsciously find it more shameful to then ‘fail’, or maybe we merely hate crossing something

For fifteen years I swam competitively, and setting goals was a big part of my training