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Welcome Aboard vs Welcome On Board

Should you use the phrase “welcome aboard” or “welcome on board” when you’re welcoming someone new

However, there are a few nuances you might want to consider when deciding which one to use,

Read on to learn the difference between “welcome aboard” vs “welcome on board” and when you should

“Welcome aboard” is a greeting used by service industry members on planes, trains, and boats

It means the same thing as “Welcome to the flight” or “I’m glad you chose to

The captain would shout “all aboard” to let the passengers know they could board the ship

Nowadays, you can also use “welcome aboard” in contexts outside of commercial travel, whenever you’re welcoming

In business, you might use this phrase to give a warm welcome to a new colleague

Outside of professional settings, you can also use this phrase in a social context if you’re

If you’re a service worker on a commercial vessel, you can use “welcome aboard” when greeting

In business and social contexts, you can use “welcome aboard” if someone new is joining your team

For example, you might say it on a colleague’s first day, or when you accept someone

For example, if one of your friends used to have a different opinion, but now agrees with

“Welcome on board” means the same thing as “welcome aboard

Just like “welcome aboard,” service industry members often use “welcome on board” when they’re welcoming passengers

The phrase can also be used when you’re welcoming someone to your team at work or

” It carries a slightly more ceremonial tone, rather than a casual and friendly one

You can use “welcome on board” in the same situations you would use “welcome aboard

” However, it’s important to keep in mind that “welcome on board” carries a more formal tone

As a result, it might be more appropriate for a written communication, such as an email or

And here are some examples of how to use “welcome aboard” in a sentence if you’re

And here are some examples of how to use “welcome on board” in business:

There are many other ways to say “welcome aboard” or “welcome on board

If you’re trying to choose the perfect wording, ProWritingAid’s Word Explorer can help you find

” Ultimately, these two phrases are so similar that you can use them both in the same way