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Want Steady Traffic? Write 3 Different Types of Articles that

This little-used strategy snags new readers and engages fans all year long

The mantra suggests that a project will succeed if you simply start it

Those of us with a blog or website are hungry to embrace that war cry

Oh, if it were only true! But if you’ve been writing online for any length of

If that’s you and you have these basics in place, then there’s another little-used strategy

Rather, it’s a simple way to supplement all that quality content, audience targeting, and SEO goodness

The strategy is this: build your following when you include three different types of articles on your

These different kinds of articles meet readers’ needs throughout the calendar year

If you don’t already include these different types of articles in your publishing mix, then consider

How-tos… checklists … mistakes to avoid … glossaries … case studies … they’re all examples of different types of evergreen

It’s not unusual for evergreens to become the most clicked-on pages of your site

That’s why evergreen articles make up the bulk of the content on the most successful websites — 80%

You should update evergreen content regularly with the most current statistics and new tidbits to keep these

Evergreen articles that drive traffic are not simply a rehash of what other content creators produce

Yes, you want to be sure to include solid information about the topic that will stand the

But a tried-and-true evergreen article offers your unique angle or insight or slant of that topic

You’ve written an article titled, “How Homeschooling Groups Can Use Local Weather Events to Teach Meteorology

But the article is different from hundreds out there that explain how homeschoolers can teach meteorology

You’ve shown readers how they can personalize their local conditions and apply those conditions to their

You’ve hit on an article slant that can deliver steady traffic

The difference between a solid evergreen article and a solid seasonal article is the timeframe

That’s why seasonal articles should be part of your long-term growth strategy

A good example is, “How to Write a Christmas Letter That People Want to Read

Its traffic peaks every November and December because that’s when plenty of people need tips for

That’s one reason the article remains on my site all year long

How might seasonal articles build traffic for you? Let’s go back to our homeschool content example

Your Floridian readers struggle with meeting consistently during hurricane season

You can address that cyclical problem with an article titled, “Help Your Homeschool Group Be Consistent During

That points to another advantage of writing seasonal articles

A court verdict, a World Cup win, election results, an accident, a robbery report, a product launch,

Can news stories be a reasonable part of a long-term growth strategy?

Show how a current event impacts your specific group of readers, such as, “How My Homeschool Group

You point to power losses and rescheduling, offering a first-person point of view that’s a perfect

When it comes to growing your website and extending your reach, make sure three foundational strategies are

But add different types of articles to your growth strategy mix

Write evergreen articles, seasonal articles, and news articles

“Build it and they will come” works when you build articles and posts strategically