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Top Cozy Mystery Authors (+3 New Authors to Read)

Mystery books are always fun to read and finding new authors can give you a ton of

Cozy mystery is its own genre of books that spark memories of watching old Murder, She Wrote

They’re under the umbrella of true crime but without any of the violence that comes with

These books are often also part of whole series so people can really get into a character

The killer is almost always caught, too, giving some closure to each story and book

Either way, it will give you a whole new list of books to add to your reading

While they still are mysteries, they don’t usually contain much (or any) sex, profanity, or violence

In lots of crime fiction books, sex and violence are key to the plot or overall story

Essentially, you could never make them into the type of movie where there are tons of chase

You’ll find that most of these books take place in small towns and often with detectives

Instead of using complicated detective techniques or forensics, they often solve crimes through intuition and talking to

Because they’re not usually law enforcement, people are more likely to talk to them with their

It’s important the town is interesting and the main character is likable, since that will prompt

Most of us can imagine what that show was like and how it was a calm show

Let’s take a look at some of the top cozy mystery authors of all time for

Then, we’ll dive into some of the top cozy mystery series so you can find a

No list would ever be complete without mentioning the top cozy mystery author of all time, Agatha

One of her most well-known characters is Miss Marple who starred in a ton of her books

The first book she makes an appearance in is The Murder at the Vicarage

It’s a character that evolves over time but her stories and role stay the same through

That gives you more than enough books to dive into, fill your reading bucket, and revisit the

It’s a wonderful series that gives you more than enough stories to read

As the writer of the Lord Peter Wimsey book series, she is considered one of the original

She has quite a few other books as well, but the 14 books about Lord Peter Wimsey are

Keep in mind, there are so many mystery series that this list is only scratching the surface

Travel through southwestern Ireland in this 4-part paranormal series

The Southern Vampire Mysteries is a series that spans over 13 books and is most well-known for being

The Cat in the Stacks mystery series is a 15-part series set in the South

It’s up to Charlie and Diesel to solve the local murder mysteries in the town and

Set in New York, we meet Odessa who is trying to solve the murder of a fellow

Cops have declared this case just a simple accident but she knows there’s something more to

What happens when your mom and your meddling aunts help you get rid of a body after

She lost her mother when she was young and stopped believing in magic

She must now find her way back to her magic roots and solve the crime before her

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