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Top 5 Tips for Writers

The “hook” refers to the first sentence, or first few sentences, of an essay, article, or story

If you’re trying to figure out how to write a hook, you’ve come to the

Read on to learn how to write a fantastic hook and to see some examples of successful

We use the term “hook” to talk about the very beginning of a written work—specifically the

Writing hooks is a necessary skill for all types of writing—narrative essays, research papers, fiction writing,

If you’re writing a blog post or article, you need a great hook so people read

And if you’re writing an essay for school, you need a good hook so you can

Here are six types of hooks that will grab your reader’s attention

Readers will want to keep reading to see how you prove your own statement

This doesn’t have to be a literal question that ends with a question mark—instead, it

Make sure it’s something your target audience will find interesting

If you open your essay with an interesting hook, you need to be mindful of what you’

The first sentence is a strong opening hook, but it promises a dramatic scene, which doesn’t

Some writers try so hard to choose an interesting hook that they end up using something irrelevant

Readers will get confused if you open with a random quote or statistic that only tangentially connects

If you’re choosing between a fascinating hook that doesn’t have much to do with your

Your reader could still stop reading on the second page, or the third, or the tenth

Here are examples of six hooks you could use to start a persuasive essay about artificial intelligence,

After all, you’re still competing for your reader’s attention, no matter what kind of work

However, a story hook will look very different from an essay hook

Instead, your best options will be a statement, a description, or an anecdote—or, or often, a

This can be a strange character, an unusual setting, or a mysterious fact

“My first memory, when I was three years old, was of trying to kill my sister

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must

“The women gather in a YMCA basement rec room: hard linoleum floors, half-windows along one wall, view

“It did not surprise Fire that the man in the forest shot her

There you have it—a complete guide to writing a fantastic hook

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