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Three Steps for Writing with Kids Climbing on Your

If I didn’t know how to write with a kid or two climbing on my head,

I’m going to tell you the secret steps to get projects completed even with the most

As you probably know by now, putting them in front of a show or with an activity

Getting a babysitter to occupy them works great, but it is expensive and sometimes hard to find

These are not big ideas like new articles or novel ideas (of course you can write those

For some of my business work, it is an interview question I need make sure to email

Whatever the small idea, you need to record these as they come to you and not later!

These are assignments that you give yourself to flesh out single ideas from your outline steps

The mini-assignments don’t even need to be from the same project

No organizing doc should be more than two pages long, which means sometimes you have to break

Don’t worry about getting the wording right at this state, just get the words down or

The last step is to put your pieces all in order in the same document and coax

Remember, keep these in short pieces such as an article, a blog post, a copywriting assignment, or

This technique isn’t ideal for most writers who just want time to focus on writing, but

I finish most of my work with this way when I have at least a week before