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This One Principle Puts You Ahead of 99% of Indie

Ryan’s Author Unleashed: Advanced Publishing and Marketing Strategies for Indie Authors is:

If you already understand that in your bones, don’t waste your time reading this review

Personally, I enjoy Ryan’s style so much this book is worth it just for the entertainment

You already got his key insight about putting yourself in the customer’s shoes

This book might be a better choice than his later ones if you just want a summary

(Also, this is for indie novelists because it assumes control over blurbs and ads, sorry traditionally published

Otherwise, I recommend going straight to Book Blurbs Unleashed and Amazon Ads Unleashed

Should you read this book anyway, may I suggest ordering a paper copy? Writing snarky comments in

I harp on this so much because it’s hard for me to internalize

At least I recognize the problem, which is more than can be said about many writers

I don’t begrudge new and aspiring writers for not thinking about how they can best serve

However, some writers I’ve interacted with who ought to know better still fail to consider what’

I talking about serving readers respectfully, by giving them something which improves their lives, even if it’

Yet it is also true that writers who respect their readers, who serve them well, are much

I have learned a great deal about books, about readers, even about how to write better, by

It’s one thing to read a so-called ‘guru’ make claims about how something on Amazon works

Ryan says that David Gaughran has written the best guides to becoming an indie author, and I

Author Unleashed gives ideas of good things to watch on Amazon, like the blurbs of bestselling books

Given a choice between reading this book or watching Amazon over a period of time, you’re

Ryan has described some of his copywriting techniques in Book Blurb Unleashed and Sales Copy Unleashed

Once again, if you’re going to buy this book at all, I recommend buying the paperback

Whether you’re chasing money, or cultural prestige, or sheer popularity, you’re better off as a

It’s that hard to drill this message into my skull, and I assume your skull too

Ryan talks about this mostly in terms of writing blurbs which draw the right readers, picking book

Often, when I point out ways other writers can better serve readers, even when I’m only

Some of you will better serve your readers because I repeat this in every review I write