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They are Lying to You When They Say “More

Who’s winning this round in the art versus commerce debate?

She claimed my bourgeois lifestyle as a working suburban mom prevented me from making real art

True artists had to give up their jobs and comfy homes and scrape by on the avails

What I retain are the perks of working full-time to write in my spare time

Writers of genre fiction all have that one friend who says they could make a mint if

When your living doesn’t depend on art, performance anxiety fades because the only consequence of failure

As a teacher-librarian, I have many perks that benefit my writing

Teaching has given me contact with all walks of society, from private school parents to the bearded

Nobody understands you like them, but I enjoy having teacher friends with a wide range of interests

When you write, direct, and produce student plays for visiting schools, it’s possible to see the

Running clubs for kids related to writing, making videos, and theatre sports is its own reward; but

The experience didn’t hurt when I began the Saltwater Spy School series, about Hubert the Hermit

, there is never enough time to revise quickly or publish as often as full-time indie authors

After work, time spent writing is subtracted from exercise, looking after family, doctor visits, and financial tasks

In times of conflict, it’s too easy to bury yourself in flow state and spend all

If all you do is work and write, creating can be a refuge or a form of

When my son was little, I taught all day, then enjoyed as much time with him as

During the legal battle to prevent the merger of Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster, Penguin

That is why we are the Random House!” He compared the editors and publishers of PRH to “

While Dohle might have an interest in overstating the case, he isn’t wrong

Windfalls come to publishers who can afford to buy most of the lottery tickets, and the big

Publishing has been consolidating for the past hundred years in the United States

In Canada, the small industry of homegrown publishing houses is both relatively recent (most dating from the 1970

Both things make it harder for a Canadian fiction writer like me to make a living by

Summers off have been good times to combine writing and relaxation, and nobody forces me to write

What makes me crave reads, claps, and shares for my stories? Why am I so chuffed that

Like many writers, I want to write for an audience, measured in awards or sales

Through indie publishing, many midlist authors beat the odds and make a living

Some might be making money on Medium — and if you are, I’d love to hear about

I have no regrets and no intention of abandoning fiction writing