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These Easy Self-Publishing Marketing Tactics Continue to Work For

They won’t make me rich but they are better than doing nothing

You possibly did the smartest thing by not going down the traditional publishing route

It’s hard enough writing and editing the damn thing, far less trying to get an agent

Selling over 12 copies puts you in the top half of book sales and you would need to

I’m not a marketing guru, but five years after publishing, I still earn about £100 a month

And the best way to get it is through recommendations from others

People are standing in a long queue to eat here — the food must be good

When people look at your book online and see you only have one review after a year,

These can be family or friends, but I have found that other writers and acquaintances do a

It gives you more honest and insightful feedback that can help you improve your book

Self-publishing on Amazon allows you to amend the content — I have done this several times

Second, I now have people who have invested their time in reading my book

I originally directed people to my website but found it had low engagement and added little value

They aren’t prisoners, but I’m not inclined to shove them on people without a little

If I’m in company and my writing crops up in conversation, I gauge their interest

If they aren’t readers, if they show no interest, if they have no personality and don’

People share things that make them look clever or cool to others

Imagine the next day when they speak to their friend and they pass on my card

“Hi, have you read any of Malky McEwan’s funny police books?”

A friend took some to the Scottish Police College, and I sent them some to other friends

I sent a cover letter explaining they were featured in my book and that it would be

But I received some positive comments and also an order for a dozen copies to be sold

I would consider doing this again in November to pick up some Christmas sales

They might not make me rich, but my books are still selling five years after being published

There are millions of books out there and yours is another straw in the haystack

Something they see every time they walk into the canteen, for example