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These 10 Tactics Instantaneously Improve the Quality of Your Writing |

Not everyone can simply pick up a pen or smash at their keys and make music

Through trial and error, I found what works, and am about to distill it all for you

If you wanna sound like the pros, you gotta know what THEY sound like

As you wander through their words, your subconscious picks up tonality

Storytelling is a big part of interesting any reader and fiction writers do it beautifully

Make a habit of reading daily, but don’t let it outweigh your writing

As I cleaned out my computer the other day, I came across some of my college essays

I had to take English classes and we wrote multiple long-form pieces

In writing, it’s so important that we remain clear over clever

And I struggle with this one big time! Overusing adverbs is evidence of weak writing

“Angrily” is the adverb and it conveys the emotion of what was said

If we wanted to improve that by eliminating the adverb we could show the emotion by adding:

He was so angry, that he punched a hole straight through the wall!

My absolute favorite, and most effective way to improve my writing

Just sleep on it! Give yourself some time between writing and publishing

Every time we spend an hour or two conjuring words from within, we want to think it’

But just like I previously mentioned, when I stumbled upon my essay from community college, I wanted

You will be shocked by what you initially thought was a “masterpiece

Look at what happens when I vary the structure of my sentences

And after I’ve used a few short to medium-sized sentences in a row, I know that

Because like I tell my Twitter friends, “if you can’t say it smooth, it won’t

Whenever you get the chance, try reading your writing out loud

There are none! Who told you it was necessary to abide by the official writing handbook? And

You can tell them to take it up with me if they have an issue

I talked about how we don’t need Grammarly to tell us what to do

The grammar software is amazing for writing so that we can avoid those pesky typos

But what I don’t think we should do, is take every suggestion it provides as part

” The software doesn’t know our voice and style, so beware of the strict suggestions

My obsession isn’t necessarily horrible, because it adds spice to my writing recipe

What does that even mean? I’ll attempt to do both right now

As I produce the written word, I am attempting to portray my intelligence

It is my belief that if I can present my knowledge and impress you with my elegant,

I encourage a connection to inspire you so that you’re willing to exercise your own creativity

But from the mind, I just want to impress you and please my ego

A good story can travel quite a distance! If you manage to hold the reader’s attention

If you’ve never heard of it, look for the Wall Street Sales letter

It’s taken me several months to learn these techniques, but you just got them in about 5