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The Writing Trends That Will Define 2023 (Get Excited) | by

It already looks like 2023 will be the best year yet for writers

He specifically said monetization will be open to writers AND video creators, and long-form content will finally

If that doesn’t make you jizz in your pants I don’t know what does

Simple tactic to execute in 2023: re-publish your best long-form content again on Twitter

People often think of LinkedIn as the most sleepy writing platform

There are many more exciting features I’ve seen previews of that’ll help anyone looking to

The way you will likely use them in 2023 is the AI will write some text for you

The response will sound a lot like a Wikipedia entry (boring as hell)

Where this is powerful is AI will become your research assistant

The worst is SEO-written articles stuffed full of keywords, designed to manipulate Google search results

AI can write this crap, so this content’s value will fall to zero in 2023

It’s harsh to say … but many of you don’t have a writer’s voice

Substack lets you find new readers through its recommendation engine

Substack has more plans to iterate on this feature and remove the reliance writers have on newsfeeds

For those wondering, Substack currently gives me 20% of all new readers I get for free

And I own those readers once they become part of my newsletter

I’m blown away by their ability to understand what writers want and then quickly add those

It creates reader-writer intimacy that’s better than hot sex

Watch Substack as a newsletter platform closely and don’t be a sleeper

As the Twitter files showed, it allows tech bros to remove content, ban people for no reason,

Many more decentralized copycats of current writing platforms are being built

Expect more creators in third-world countries to get paid with crypto

Also, now that Tim Ferriss and Mark Manson have experimented with NFTS, expect more writers to use

I also believe the huge success of NFTs on Reddit will spread to other platforms like LinkedIn

One big trend that won’t change is writers will continue to act smart and own their

As my friend Gavin always says: “Build the list, email the list