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The Worst Character Names in the History of Literature

When you think of the worst character names in the history of literature, there is one, undeniably,

However, before we set off on that journey together, let’s just get the most obvious out

There is a character name that has literally taken on a meaning all its own and that

” You know who I’m talking about: it’s Ebenezer Scrooge!

And by “worst” I mean I would not like to have them as my own name

What does it mean to have an on-the-nose name? It means the thing you didn’t want

For example, if you had very big ears and were very arrogant, you wouldn’t want to

Sometimes authors give their characters an on-the-nose name because they want to tell you exactly who their

com so yes, Draco Malfoy, is an on-the-nose name for a terrible character and a terribly on-the-nose

” That’s a bummer because, chances are, nobody likes it when you show up

I actually think it’s kind of a fun name until you realize that the character is

In that case, I wouldn’t care so much to be referred to as a big, round,

Can you guess which one is a big dick and which one is sort of, um, to

This character from Ulysses is a man’s man (did you have any doubt? FIRE!!), a seducer

Before we wrap up, let’s give a special shout out to the king of terrible character

You’ve seen him in the first paragraph and he’s back for a quick guest appearance,

I’m serious! Come to think of it, Little Dorrit is not that much better

A few others: Seth Pecksniff, Zephaniah Scadder, Toby Crackit, and Jane Murdstone

If I had read more Dickens, I might be able to assign these to one of the

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