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The World Owes Us Nothing. Stop boohooing and keep

Maybe we heard a voice in our heads, like a literary Kevin Costner character: Write it and

We sent out some tweets, posted a couple links on social media, reminded friends that we were

H ow could this be? We worked hard on that writing! We spent two whole hours of

But it turned out only about twenty-three pairs of eyes and one single-eyed fellow even saw what

It was almost five-hundred years ago that English statesman Thomas More first (ahem) coined the phrase, A

Actually a penny, when adjusted for five-hundred years of inflation, is too generous but fractions are difficult

And because we like company, we wallowed together in our misery

Eventually, we saw the writing on the wall or more accurately scrolled through a lot of stuff

Do we yell at strangers who don’t pause to watch us play on the corner court?

It looks similar in format to that glossy magazine thousands of people pay good money to read

This creates the illusion that we’re producing professional pieces

Typically, what we’re actually writing is more akin to blabbing in a diary we want everyone

Or we’re exorcising our emotional demons through a keyboard for personal clarity and to let others

It is discouraging when our best and most precious posts disappear like a penny tossed into the

That is the nature of writing when everyone and their mother has easy access to self-publishing