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The Top 25 Tiktok Book Recommendations: 2022

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There are always so many books to choose from and you can find just about any book

With everything from brand new releases to books that have been in circulation for a while there’

Most of the books on this list weren’t released in 2022, but have gained attention throughout this

Prepare to fill your stockings and TBR lists with the best TikTok book recommendations 2022 has to offer!

When these two find themselves with their lives intertwined their spiteful relationship might just turn into something

Sal is trying to run the family business while his moms health keeps declining and his dad

Meanwhile Noor is hiding a deep secret, she’s applying to schools and hoping to leave her

There are six contestants for an elite spot with the Alexandrian Society, but there are only five

As the time for the final trials draws nearer the relationship with each other deepens, but looming

When he gets there at first it’s everything he hoped for, but soon he realizes that

Now Robin finds himself faced with two options, fight for the world he was raised for, or

The sisters weekend is growing great until Nora realizes that Charlie, an annoying uptight editor, also happens

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Literally! It’s printed out of order, part of the mystery of the book is trying to

As of right now, only three people have ever completed this daunting task

The first book in a supernatural trilogy, Crave tells the story of a young woman named Grace

Grace must now try to survive all the while wondering if maybe her coming to this school

Delilah is forced to go back to Bright Falls to photograph her sisters wedding

Even though she always said she would never come back, the guilt trip and the money mean

The two find themselves stuck together while working on wedding preparation

So two people become roommates without ever meeting each other

Tiffy has the opposite schedule so she occupies the flat the rest of the time

They begin to communicate with each other via notes, and soon they find themselves becoming something maybe

Hani is bisexual, but when she tells her friends, they start to question her

Ishu just wants her to show up her perfect sister, and becoming head girl is the perfect

Fake dating Hani might be the perfect way to become more popular and secure the votes she

The year is 2030 and an ancient corpse is discovered in the melting permafrost

This epic follows the virus and its devastating effects for years to come

A memoir from Jennette McCurdy that tells the tale of her abusive mother and Jennette’s experience

It’s a heartbreaking story about the dangers that many young actors face when no one has

McCurdy writes with wit and class even while detailing some of the most painful experiences of her

The first book in a trilogy, Avery Grambs finds herself in the running for a vast inheritance

But why was she chosen? Is he a relative? A friend of the family? Or is it

Avery has a year to figure it out and survive the trials put before her

Kaikeyi is brought up on wonderful stories of the gods and the great deeds they accomplish

Kaikeyi turns to the books her mother read to her and transforms herself into the powerful woman

This is a delightful graphic novel about the perils and pitfalls of high school dating

This weird on and off relationship is as confusing as it is complicated

So Freddy turns to anyone who will help her figure out what’s going on

It’s 1983, and one of the greatest fires to rage across California is about to start

But the story of the fire, and those who cause it start years earlier when the hosts

This is a wonderful story about family, fame, and what can happen when sparks catch

Connell and Marianne pretend they don’t each other at school

But, secretly they have a connection that amazes and scares them

Over the next four years they find themselves circling each other being drawn close only to be

As their own lives get more and more complicated, they have to decide what they are to

Credited as one the pieces to bring “dark academia” into the literary lexicon, this is a classic

What follows is a story of passion, deception, and academia that haunts its readers

Her brother was told that his fate will be greatness not seen by anyone alive today

But when her brother passes away, Zhu decides she’s going to steal her brother’s fate

Disguised in boy’s clothes, Zhu heads to study at the monastery her brother was promised to,

A retelling of the myth of Achilles that is as heart warming as it is devastating

But when the war with Troy begins, these two lovers find that sometimes love can’t survive

Catalina was under a lot of pressure and might have let it slip that she’s bringing

Luckily her colleague, Aaron, offers to step in and pose as her fake boyfriend

But as they spend more and more time together she starts to realize something

But he keeps finding himself by a servant who seems to know a lot more than she’

Their kingdom — and indeed their world — hangs in the balance

Each of them will have to tread carefully to avoid sending their people into chaos

Now it’s 1993 and the AIDS epidemic is causing the deaths of so many innocent young men

What follows is an intricate weaving of three people’s lives spread out over three hundred years

As their lives intersect in strange ways, it seems that despite the vast time difference, things haven’

But her boss is too distracted with personal matters to give Ari’s career the attention it

And Ari realizes that she’s starting to have feelings for Russel

This book originally came out in 2014, but has made a comeback thanks to BookTok

When a group of friends goes to visit a remote island for some away time, things don’

What follows is a series of events so shocking that it will shape the friends forever

But can they even remember what the truth is? Or have they managed to lie even to

As new books come out, and old favorites are rediscovered, there’s no shortage of wonderful TikTok

This only barely scrapes the surface of BookTok’s most popular recommendations