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The Top 11 Nonsense Fantasy Recommendations

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Anything that appears under the lunar cycle and the ones that walk around during the day to

Nonsense fantasy books answer the question, “but why though” with “yes

” I hope you are ready for confusing or entertaining fantasy stories because if not, you are definitely

Between you and me, @darbyisescaping has excellent content if you are a fan of science fiction and

Things that are nonsensical or fantastical prop up the genre

The Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear first published in 1846 is a collection of surrealist poems that

The book is a prime example of Literary Nonsense that brings together folk tales and intellectual absurdity

So, what does that mean when it applies to fantasy novels? The fantasy world has to have

I came up with a list of books broken up into adult nonsense fantasy, adult nonsense fantasy

The human manifestation of cities are born from the stories we tell about them, and the embodiments

A blend of science fiction and fantasy elements makes for characters with borough-specific powers in a thrilling

Late 20-something Constance Danger Verity just wants a normal office job, but her chosen one energy keeps

Now, Constance must go through one last adventure with her regular accountant best friend, Tia, if she

There are no rules to the magic system other than “she’s the chosen one,” so the

It’s Cairo in 1912 and the power of the djinn has given Egypt the ability to resist

With the help of her colleagues and her girlfriend, hopefully, she can get the mystery solved before

An Asian trans girl joins a group of femme vigilantes who protect the Street of Miracles from

She’s a pathological liar, a kung-fu expert, and an escape artist, and is ready to use

This fictionalized memoir proves fairy tales can belong to sex workers, trans communities, and queer families too

When a noble heir goes missing, it is up to his bookish younger brother, his guard, and

Sef’s magical immortality has been a series of bad choices that have led him to evade

He is willing to use a young noble and his guard who are looking for a guide

If you are looking for a queer nonsense fantasy book with a slow-burn romance, immortality, myth, and

Cinnamon is just an average spice farmer with a few practical skills and a good sense of

It worked until she ran into Fallon who decides she must come with him on his quest

This nonsense fantasy book has every kind of magical something and an adorable romantic plot line, too

Sam Haversford knows better than anyone that magic can be wild, unwieldy, and chaotic

Then a dragon captures the emotionally cold prince who happens to be engaged to Sam’s longtime

The whole series is very “it happens because magic says so” with its very emotion-forward magic system

When the chosen one and his adventuring party defeat the evil ruler, he didn’t realize he

Now he has to marry before his 18th birthday or disappear from existence

It will take quite a few failed meet cutes before King Arek realizes that maybe the same

Nancy knows how to be still, but when the Halls of the Dead returned her home, her

Luckily, Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children helps youth with quirks from their other worlds and

But when these miracle kids start showing up dead, Nancy knows she will have to solve the

When a girl runs into the front door of your coffee shop and you give her a

His boyfriend left him to travel the world, his best friend is more than annoyed at his

Now, this Indian-Muslim teen will take his million dollars and follow his ex-boyfriend with the hopes of

A tavern wench journeys across the kingdom with the aim of petitioning the queen to regain control

So, she was unprepared when a group of the queen’s guards came into her tavern after

She will travel with any group of guards, work for any faction of outlaws, and acquire any

Tanya is a bisexual protagonist who is so good at organizing it becomes magic