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The Rise and Fall of Aztec Mythology Books: A

Dazzling creatures, fortified pyramids, and a fierce understanding of gratitude

It is so easy to lose yourself in Aztec mythology books, filled with characters who never take

The Aztecs were vibrant people, native to Mesoamerica and the last of the Nahuatl-speaking tribes to travel

” You only need to look at the predominance of ‘blood sacrifice’ featured in Aztec mythology novels

Aztec mythology is far more nuanced than that; born from a civilization that admired and respected its

That is where the Aztecs built their faith in their community and their gods

And that is why Aztec mythology books have some of the most emotionally compelling stories you will

Note: Today “Aztec” is commonly used to refer to the Mexica as well as the Nahuatl-speaking peoples

León-Portilla was one of the most respected and reputable authorities on Aztec culture and literature in

This book, Aztec Thought and Culture, is the best of the best

It is an anthropological study of Aztec civilisation, including its spirituality and mythology

The focus is more on the philosophical side, showing the presence of professional intellectuals in Nahua society;

A good follow-up is The Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico by Miguel

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Professor Townsend’s revisionist history of the Aztecs has ruffled a few feathers, questioning the Spanish-centric history

Her research in Indigenous cultures, and particularly the preservation of the Nahuatl language, move the light onto

A little knowledge of the history will make for an easier read, but this is still a

While this book is a fantastic collection of myths from both, I really appreciate how Professor Taube

There is an excellent array of stories showcasing the biggest figures/deities and the more subtle importance

I only wish there had been a few more images or diagrams to explain various relationships and

Tonatiuh hails from Mexico and has a style easily associated with the culture and the people

But to succeed, Quetzalcóatl would need to venture deep into the underworld and retrieve the sacred

It is an epic tale across nine different levels of the underworld, each of them captured with

If you love this book, you should also check out Child of the Flower-Song People by Gloria

Things seem easygoing until their mother disappears, and their grieving father sends them to relatives in Mexico

As more secrets are revealed, the twins must venture into the Aztec underworld and discover what are

The entire series is enjoyable, with Book 4: Wings Above the Burning Earth released in 2021

Fresh off the ‘Rick Riordan Presents’ list, Cervantes sweeps us up in an adventure with both Aztec

She is also convinced there is a link between aliens and the Maya civilisation

Cervantes sets a fast pace throughout the story with a nice mix of magical characters to keep

There is so much Mexica and Aztec heart in this book; I get chills just thinking about

It comes with a whole bunch of generational guilt and responsibility but is told in this really

Despite its adorable art and lighthearted approach, it strongly reflects the very real battle for Indigenous Mexicans

However, just like in real life, there are overlaps between Aztecs and Mayans, so you might note

It is all part of the rich tapestry that comes from this beautiful story

The first issue of this comic was released in March 2022, and the trade paperback is due for

A good book on Aztec Mythology knows how to include it in everyday life

One is the Emperor’s firstborn son looking for ways to introduce social reform

The other is a warlord’s son who wants to unite the people

Set in the time just before the Aztecs came to rule, Saadia’s well-researched book shares a

Moreno-Garcia’s book delves into the lore of Aztec blood drinkers, weaving vampiric lore with the gift

By the author’s own description, this is a violent neo-noir that reflects the desperation of culture

Not your average vampire novel, but definitely one of Moreno-Garcia’s best

I would never have placed ‘Aztec Detective Fantasy Noir’ on my reading list, but this book was

Acatl-tzin is familiar with the Underworld and the magic of the gods

Bodard offers multi-levels of detail in this fantasy world built on the legends of the Aztecs and

This book is not for the fainthearted, especially with the rich detail she includes when setting the

The first book in the Between Earth and Sky trilogy sets the scene for magic, mysticism, and

It sings to the intellectual core of Aztec Mythology, understanding that nothing is ever defined with such

At the same time, a single passenger travels on Xiala’s ship to the holy city of

Is the world ready for gods to return? Change is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean everyone

This is a dark retelling of the legend of Topiltzin, a mythical hero in Aztec/Mexican culture,

I’m not going to lie: this one is a little gruesome, detailing many human sacrifices in

I’m here for Quetzalpetlatl and her butt-kicking brilliance

They build a sense of loyalty to characters we will never meet in person

Take a chance, give the gods your leap of faith and find a story to love

Or be entertained by the more dramatically inclined Greek Myths and Legends