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The Psychology of the Greatest Writers Online | by Tim

This thinking is a result of their psychology that they’ve carefully refined, like carving a sculpture

I’ve been lucky to work and speak with the best online writers of our generation (you

Here’s what I’ve noticed about great writers’ psychology

I have my favorite writers across all the major platforms bookmarked

But within a few years they get deleted from my bookmarks because they stop writing

These same writers have earned 6–7 figures and gone on to have enormous success

Even if you’re not a great writer, it’s hard to suck forever if you stick

They have no idea of the outcome because virality is obviously random

If a story I wrote makes me want to delete it or hide from my wife, I

Most of them don’t know how algorithms work (and will never know), so they spend zero

Here’s the crazy part: the more people enjoy a piece of writing, the more the algorithm

Because highly read writing is good for the platform, therefore, it’s great for getting your work

There’s this bizarre narrative that you have to be an expert to write about a topic

They have huge egos and get their powerful buddies to get them opportunities they often haven’t

Great writers think they can be experts in any topic if they do some basic research and

Business school owner Tom Bilyeu recently said, “I thought I was teaching business but I realized I

Once I learned how to fix their thinking the writing came easy

The bad writers I’ve met over the years think they’re King Richard

If you email them you’ll likely get their virtual assistant or some snobby reply that says “

Great writers are psychologically wired to interact with readers and make friends with other writers

And they’ll happily tell you everything they know about writing or post it on their social

They want loads of attention and they’ll say or do anything to get it — even if

They just want to make a small difference in their corner of the internet, then go home

Their writing careers aren’t built on top of Hollywood mountains that require permission slips and millions

They know stats are unpredictable and produce a rollercoaster of emotions

The moment you picture your boss or parents reading your work, your writing dream is dead

Great writers don’t think about a dumbass boss (if they have one)

People are quiet quitting the sh*t out of them, so who cares if they fire you?

Rather than have ten different calls-to-action at the end (or god forbid, throughout their writing), they have

Short-term financial rewards don’t build the careers of great writers

They’re okay to start small with a tiny following on a lesser-known platform

They don’t need a million followers on day one to feel like writing

Great writers think less about themselves and spend most of their time thinking about how they can

If you don’t think you can be a successful writer, you never will be

Where you are today isn’t where you can be in 5 years by writing on the internet

The trouble is you need an imagination and a dose of optimism to believe it’s even

But they know that psychological resilience isn’t created by feeling fantastic every day

Because if you can write on sh*tty days, you can write on any day