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The Pantone Color of the Year 2023

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I like this idea of a color defining or giving shape to an upcoming year, much in

It’s neat to see where and how these colors do or don’t trend throughout the

What can we expect from the Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023, Viva Magenta? It’s a

I definitely plan to grab some of these…and maybe a notebook in this vivid color, too

You’ll notice something interesting here, as I did while poking around for these covers: Viva Magenta

Because it has a range of tones, even the swatches for the color are different, one being

Your screen resolution will make a difference here, and in some cases, the cover’s take on

This fake dating YA romance follows Mia and Jake, who’ve known each other their whole lives

Mia and Jake, however, do not have any interest in each other

To get their moms off their backs, they hatch a plan: pretend to be dating

Of course…maybe those pretend feelings aren’t so pretend after all

Kadlec’s memoir is about leaving the Evangelical church, breaking free from her “nice Midwest” roots, and

28-year-old Grace has always followed the rules and been the high-achieving, parent pleasing child

But she’s just finished her PhD program and decides to celebrate in a very un-Grace-like way:

Worried about the consequences at home and stressed about her future, Grace throws caution to the wind

She’d even have been happy to do it with Hank, her high school sweetheart

So when Hank comes back into town with his son, a famous alt-country singer, Sandy may just

Looking for a book about an intense friendship that could use some good boundaries? Look no further

Stella is the party girl, always the center of attention, while Violet is the quieter one, often

She’s building herself a powerful career, one where she gets to be center

This is the third book in a thriller series following Nora Watts and in this entry, Nora

To do so will require uncovering a shadowy cabal with the help of a former cop, an

This book takes place globally, so you’ll get some traveling in from the comforts of your

Now Sasha’s taken a job as a matchmaker for the city’s most elite people

When Sasha’s own relationship comes to a crash, what happens when she begins to catch some

After she’s kicked out of boarding school and sent to live at her uncles estate, 17-year-old

First off, the estate has within it a struggling speakeasy run by cousin, and along with several

What more do you actually need to know about this Nancy Drew entry?

Meiko Briggs and her daughter, Aiko, are in a Japanese internment camp and desperate to get home

government during World War II, their actual citizenship doesn’t matter

Things go from bad to worse as disease breaks out and now, the mother daughter duo are

Anna Sun achieves the successful attention she’d dreamed of with a viral YouTube video of her

Refusing to be hurt, Anna embarks on just that: getting involved in as many flings and one

But as luck would have it, she might actually be falling for one of those partners

And when something horrible happens in Anna’s family, it’s Quan who really steps up to

Nami and a team of fellow rebels are now in charge of trying to take down Ophelia

That windfall might cause a secret from her past to emerge, which makes her nervous

She decides to spend the money on a condo in a posh Florida retirement community

With Bindu is her daughter in law Ally, who divorced Bindu’s son years ago but has

She’s about to lose her business if she doesn’t come up with the next great

Three generations of single women are now going to figure out how to save each other’s

Delightful! The contributor list for this collection includes Samantha Hunt, Jac Jemc, Stephen Graham Jones, and more

If you like books that blend true crime with memoir, dig into this story of Cooper’s

Not only was that not true, but Cooper unearthed even darker stories of sexism and the silencing

Lord’s book is about love, dreams of Broadway, and making anyone who is above the age

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