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The Most Insulting Comic Book Trope

They’re also published on a fast enough schedule that they can respond to reader feedback within

At its worst, it can make the relationship between readers and creators incredibly toxic

And one of the ways the latter manifests is my very least favorite comic book trope

The closest TV Tropes page I could find was This Loser Is You, but I like to

That universe was destroyed during 1985’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, leaving Prime as the only survivor

I’m less interested in what Prime does, though, than what he says while he does it

He repeatedly accuses the heroes of acting like villains, of not behaving the way heroes should be,

“You’re ruining everything!” he shrieks histrionically, childishly, constantly

Superboy-Prime became a villain during a particularly bleak, violent era in the medium’s history

Identity Crisis and Civil War are the best-known examples of this, but by no means the only

In the second half of the 2000s, beloved heroes killed, maimed, tortured, and lobotomized their enemies, and

Superboy-Prime is the entitled fanboy who is furious that comics aren’t the feel-good tales of heroism

We’ve also seen this dismissive response to readers from both sides of the political spectrum:

They are increasingly troubled by the misogyny and homophobia of this dream world, which turns out to

In Fitzmartin’s, the villain is the entitled fanboy whose nostalgia is rooted in racism, homophobia, and

But part of the problem with this particular trope is how imprecise it is as a response

That doesn’t mean I appreciate being likened to a murderous crybaby like Superboy-Prime

That doesn’t mean I don’t like the new characters who have been introduced more recently,

Are there fans who behave inappropriately towards creators? Absolutely

I’m aware that every creator’s mentions are a cesspool, and that this is magnified exponentially

But I can’t see that the Superboy-Prime Effect is a productive way to address it, either

In a long list of tropes I hate — women in refrigerators, evil clowns, gaslighting your loved ones